Ross, End Wage Theft Practices in LA Garment Shops!!

Garment Worker Center (GWC) has waged a campaign against Ross Stores for two years since the Department of Labor found that Ross failed to pay sufficient prices for its garment orders so factories resulting in subminimum wages in factories in their supply chain. Four GWC members sewed clothing owned and sold by Ross, though labeled under other names, at approximately $5.00 an hour for 50-60 hours per week.  Having earned as little as $300 a week for those long hours, they brought forward a wage claim against the brands they produced in their factory, including Ross, and were awarded $849,104.13 in owed wages.

Due to a loophole in state law, Ross was not held liable despite clear evidence Ross clothing was produced in their factory.  Backed by the GWC and their peers, the workers refuse to allow Ross to wash their hands of this matter. After numerous demand letters, store pickets, and delegations with no response from Ross, the workers decided to take their demands to Ross’ doorstep, by leading a caravan to Ross headquarters in Dublin and then to Ross CEO, Barbara Renters, New York penthouse.

While we’ve been campaigning for Ross to take accountability for sweatshop conditions Ross profits have grown. In 2018, Ross made $14 Billion in profits last year on the backs of exploited garment workers.  Ross opened 200 new stores yet the factories Ross used in LA shut down in order to avoid paying workers what they are owed.  While workers who make Ross clothing can’t afford basic necessities, Ross continues to rake in the profits built on the back of worker exploitation.





















Endorsed by:

    • International Labor Rights Forum
    • United Students Against Sweatshops
    • DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving) NY
    • Workers United NY NJ Regional Joint Board
    • New York Metro Joint Board Mujeres Unidas
    • Chinese Progressive Association
    • SURJ NYC
    • Brandworkers
    • Law @ The Margins
    • Center for Frontline Retail
    • Model Alliance
    • Red Bloom Solidarity
    • Freedom to Thrive
    • Bay Rising
    • SF Labor Council
    • Alameda Labor council