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Our resources intersect with the need for immigration reform, affordable childcare options, and housing justice. We seek to improve the lives of all workers and their families.


GWC Reports, Surveys & Studies


GWC engages in many forms of research, both internally and with external partners. Our research helps inform and empower our workers and is a crucial tool in our organizing and campaign work, which in turn informs the industry at large.


GWC Project Summary Report

UCLA Sectoral Analysis – Cut / Sew Report – Dec 2021

LA Industry Report December 2020

GWC Industry Report Executive Summary – Dec 2020

Dirty Threads, Dangerous Factories – Dec 2013

Garment Industry Wage Violation – Dec 2016

Hanging by a Thread Garment Workers Report December 2015

Wage Theft and Workplace Violations in Los Angeles – UCLA – Dec 2010



Mental Health Workshops for Garment Workers


Garment Worker Center was hired in 2021 for the purpose of implementing and developing the “Latino Garment District Workers Outreach Project,” developed by the LACDMH Underserved Cultural Communities—Latino Sub-Committee. The goal of the Latino Garment Worker Project is to outreach, educate, and increase knowledge pertaining to mental health services and resources by utilizing a non-stigmatizing and empowering approach. This is a report of the project outcomes for this pilot project.

Below is a report of the project outcomes for this pilot project


GWC Project Summary Report

Paquete de talleres de bienestar de GWC (Español)

GWC Wellness Workshop Package (English)

The Connection Between Mind, Body, and Diet

“What is Mind- Body Medicine?”

“How is My Diet Connected to My Mental and Physical Wellbeing?”

“A Conversation with Our Mind-Body Medicine Presenter: Dr. Desmonette Hazly MA, MSW PhD”

GWC Guia de Recursos


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