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Over two decades of organizing, GWC has pushed the narratives surrounding the garment worker struggle from hyper local to transnational levels.

Our work centers the voices of garment workers, and we encourage all reporters, editors, media producers, academics and beyond to consider those most materially impacted by narratives around garment production, fashion, sustainability, labor, and so on to also foreground these voices throughout their reportage and commentary.

Our two most active campaigns are currently the Protect Downtown LA Garment Jobs and FABRIC Act campaigns, which illustrate our depth of organizing and media penetration.

You can find full details about these campaigns at their respective websites and can access press kits here:


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  • Selected press clippings
    • FABRIC Act
      • The importance of America’s Fabric Act “can’t be overstated” (Vogue)
      • FABRIC Act Wants to Make American Manufacturing Great Again (Sourcing Journal)
      • California’s Garment Worker Bill Will Fuel The ‘Made In USA’ Comeback. Here’s Why. (Forbes)
      • 3 cents per piece to hourly pay for CA garment workers: Will US follow? (KCRW)
      • A Look at the Movements Making the Fashion Industry Cleaner, Kinder, and Safer (InStyle)
      • WWD Yearbook: Sustainable Fashion’s Big Wins in 2022 (WWD)
      • A national US fashion bill is coming: What to know on the FABRIC Act (Vogue)
      • Senator Gillibrand Announces Groundbreaking Fabric Act To Reinvigorate The Garment Industry In The U.S., Strengthen Garment Workers’ Rights, Drive Wage Growth And Promote Equity (Sen. Gillibrand’s Office)
    • Protecting DTLA Garment Jobs
      • LA’s Zoning Plan Pits Garment Workers Against Developers (The Nation)
        Garment workers fight to stay in the Fashion District (LAist)
      • Proposals that will impact growth of Hollywood and DTLA head to LA City Council (LA Daily News)
      • Garment, Hospitality workers win key vote at PLUM Committee for DTLA 2040 plan (MSN)
      • Rezoning Proposal Puts Historic L.A. Fashion District in Peril (Sourcing Journal)
      • LA’s Zoning Plan Pits Garment Workers Against Developers (The Nation)
      • Protestan trabajadores de la industria de la moda en Los Ángeles (Univision)
      • Cientos de trabajadores de costura salen a protestar: exigen que se deje intacto el lugar donde tienen sus negocios (Univision)
      • LA Times — Garment workers in SoCal are paid ‘as little as $1.58 per hour,’ Labor Department says (+ coverage of City Hall March for DTLA 2040) [link]
      • On Labor – April 6, 2023 Roundup [link]
      • LA Times — Editorial: L.A. needs to build housing quickly. So why is the City Council sitting on plans to expedite construction? [link]
    • SB62
      • For Activists, The Garment Worker Protection Act Is Just The Beginning (Refinery29)
      • California Just Passed a Landmark Bill to Protect Garment Workers—Here’s What It Means for the Entire Fashion Industry (Vogue)
      • Op-Ed: Garment workers behind ‘Made in the USA’ labels are horribly underpaid. Newsom can end the wage theft (LA Times)
      • Garment workers in America’s fashion capital may make just $6 an hour. A new law could change that (The Guardian)
      • What California’s new law means for garment workers and businesses (NPR Marketplace)
      • Can California’s New Garment Worker Law Rein in Abuses? (Capital & Main)
    • Ross
      • ‘Dress for less’ at what cost? Garment workers protest Ross stores (Liberation News)
    • On Wage Theft & Sweat Shop Conditions
      • Behind a $13 shirt, a $6-an-hour worker (LA Times)
      • A Workers’ Guide to Wage Theft: What to Do If Your Boss Steals Your Wages (KCET)
      • ‘All I can think about is the sun’: How workers are coping with California’s heat wave (LA Times)
    • On Fast Fashion
      • Excitement And Alarm Greet Online Fast Fashion Giant Shein’s LA Expansion (LAist)
    • Longform
      • The FABRIC Act with Garment Worker Center’s Nayantara Banerjee (Swap Society)
      • Reweaving the Garment Industry: A conversation with the Garment Worker Center (El Cafecito del Día
    • Organizational Profile
      • Los Angeles’s Garment District Is Still Home to Severe Exploitation (Jacobin)
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