Our Work


Outreach & Education: Our outreach efforts foster meaningful engagement with the garment worker community, reaching individuals who may otherwise be unaware of their labor rights or avenues for recourse. Through strategic and targeted outreach, we have expanded our reach to four service areas in LA County: Downtown LA, South LA, Southeast LA, and El Monte. Through our outreach we effectively disseminate essential information to garment workers, organize factory committees, and empower them to assert their rights and advocate for fair treatment in the workplace.


Leadership Development: Through targeted education and advocacy, we aim to empower workers with the knowledge and tools needed to identify and address instances of wage theft, public health concerns, and other challenges faced in the workplace, while simultaneously advocating for systemic reforms that hold employers and fashion brands accountable for their actions. By raising awareness and fostering a culture of accountability, we strive to create lasting change, uphold the rights and dignity of all workers, and foster a sense of solidarity and support within the garment worker community.


Liberatory Services

Legal Clinic: Our Legal Clinic team assists garment workers who have experienced wage theft and/or retaliation in submitting individual and collective wage claims. Our dedicated case management approach has enabled us to provide personalized support and guidance to workers facing wage theft and exploitation. By offering comprehensive assistance, including legal advocacy, mediation, and resource navigation, we have empowered individuals to navigate complex legal processes and pursue just outcomes. Our commitment to individualized case management ensures that each worker receives the support and advocacy they need to reclaim stolen wages and hold accountable those responsible for labor violations.


Member Support: Our Member Support team offers direct assistance, information, resources and referrals available in the community that will benefit the overall health and social service needs of workers and their families. Whether it’s accessing public benefits, finding economic resources, or addressing health concerns, Member Support strives to support workers holistically, recognizing that various factors impact their well-being beyond legal and work-place issues.

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